Natural Beauty

This summer has been wonderful for me. I've just been enjoying the natural beauty all around me. The world is such a beautiful and enchanting place. The sunsets have been amazing, most of my flowers are in bloom and I've got tomatoes on the vine! When looking for inspiration, I encourage you to just look closer at the details within nature. Take a hint from the beauty around you!


Spring Wreath

Despite the snow this morning, I have hung up my Spring wreath!

The best part about it- I made it completely out of Dollar Tree merchandise! I wish I could say that I was creative enough to design it myself, but I got the idea off of It was so easy and looks great, don't ya think?


I have started a new venture in life- creating! I think that everyone feels a need to be creative. We all are creative, in one way or another. Sometimes we need to work at something- seek out what we are really good at. This is my attempt.
Blum means a few things to me.
First, it means "flowers" in German. I am very proud of my German heritage! My grandmother was an amazing seamstress. I hope her gift can live on thru me in some small way.
Second, I love flowers. Obsessed might be a more appropriate word. I love their intricate, yet simple beauty. My summertime hobby is gardening. I love to plant, weed and admire flowers. I want to bring my summer pastime indoors during the winter.
Third, blum means change. A transition from one stage to the next. We are always evolving, hopefully into something better.
This blog is not only dedicated to showing off the things I make and sell, but it is also a place I can share my outlook on life.
Hope you enjoy this journey with me!